Union City High School

Educational Apps
The apps below are being used in the following classrooms to enhance instruction and support English Language Acquisition:
ESL Level 1 & 2 classes
Bilingual Biology class
Bilingual History class

3D Cell

Explore a 3D cell, learn cell structure and live cell videos.

The 3 Little Pigs by StoryBoy

Great illustrations and narration of a classic fairy tale includes humorous images and sounds.

Animal Wallpaper & Images

Hundreds of animal wallpapers - great for learning animal names in English for ESL students.

Free Spanish English Dictionary & Phrasebook

Reference tool for ELL - translations with notes, audio & images.

Atlas 2012

World Maps in English


Baby Appearance Predictor


Thousands of Biology facts - reference tool. 

High School Biology Pocket Guide & Quiz

Learn more than 1200 vocabulary terms and concepts for high school biology.

Biology Quiz

Learn more than 1200 vocabulary terms and concepts for high school biology.


Students used this app for current events and news headlines -- writing prompt.

Explorer: The American Museum of Natural History

Learn more about items from the Museum’s vast collection -- writing prompts / graphic organizers.

English Idioms Illustrated

This app illustrates the meaning behind English idioms. 

English Grammar Boot Camp Vol. 01

Random basic questions of English grammar and vocabulary words.

Geo Play 2

Fun geography review and quiz.

Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus

Voice-to-text search, pronunciation of words, definitions and spelling suggestions.

Discovery Channel

Interesting video clips, shows, news and photo galleries about the world in all its wonder. 

Grammar Fun Free

Fun way to practice grammar by matching grammatical constructs to the corresponding words in a sentence.

Fox News

Local news -- great for current events.

Kid Genius: 13 in 1

This app includes a variety of activities from flash math, sight words, music instruments to food words.

Free Flashcards Study Helper

Great for creating flashcards of weekly vocabulary words.

A+Science Facts

Amazing Science Facts to know.

Bio Brainiac

Over 200 biology specific words -- both vocabulary and exam review questions for

Biology 101.

Free Grammar

Review of commonly used phrases in Business to improve grammar, word selection and vocabulary.

Genetic Code

Reference tool for students and researchers (provides 20 amino acids and their abbreviations).

Google Translate

Translate words and phrase between more than 50 languages using Google Translate.

Grammar Basics

More than 200 objective questions on basic English grammar.

Greek Gods Free

References more than 360 different greek gods.


Must have ~ free translator

Library of Congress

World’s largest library ~ another must have app!

Life Story

A story about DNA, clones, stem cells...read the story of life!

USA Maps

Features state maps, highways, major cities and lakes - beneficial for our ELL students.

Nature Wallpaper

Great for descriptive writing ~ tell a story, write adjectives and be creative with amazing nature images. 


Museum of Modern Art in New York ~ browse or search through thousand of works in the collection, take multimedia tours and much more.


An interactive learning experience. 


Must have ~ free translator


Free dictionary ~ features voice search, synonyms & antonym, word of the day and much more.


Explore Earth’s animals, plants, microbes and more.  Great Biology app!

Science Mobile

Science news

Project Swab Marrow Kit

Great lesson about bone morrow and stem cell.

Premium Backgrounds

Beautiful images -- great for writing a story.

Translator with Speech (Free)

Translates any text into any 32 languages.

US Presidents!

Learn all about our Presidents with this free app.

Words Free

Spelling ~ 4 letter words (100+ words) Ideal for our Port of Entry Students. 

Words with Kids

Spelling: Free and fun learning game for kids. 

Video Biology

Ten full-length lesson for free 5 - 20 minute video lectures.

FreeSaurus Thesaurus

Reference -- must have app! Shows related words, synonyms & antonyms.


Must have app! Essential for language learners. 

Compact English-Spanish Dictionary

All in one translation dictionary.  Ideal for English Language Learners.

ESL Express: Words Frequently Confused

Review for words that sound alike but have different meaning.  Must have for ESL students.